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Near the end, the procession paused at United Medical Center, where the former mayor died early Nov. 23. A police honor guard hoisted the casket out of the hearse and onto a horse-drawn caisson as the family watched. One member of the retinue gasped upon seeing the two Clydesdales.

“I told you I’m not playing around. We’re not playing around with this,” replied Masters Barry, who meticulously planned most aspects of the elaborate processional, along with Barry’s son, Christopher, and his close aides.  At 12:41 p.m., the caisson driven by two men in black top hats entered the parking lot of Temple of Praise.  A second brass band that had joined in the caravan broke into a jaunty tune as people crowded around the casket snapping pictures and dignitaries filed into the church.

Community residents who knew the former mayor pay their respects during a funeral procession.  Dec. 5, 2014 

Comfort Carriages of Aquasco, Maryland 

Two horses pull a carriage carrying the late Marion Barry to the Temple of Praise

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